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Our Ellisonic pickups are featured in the new 470 JL by Collings

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How can we talk about sound? What is it we want? What are we looking for? How do you describe it? Man. It’s hard. Talking about guitar pickups is like dancing about architecture.


Then there’s Ron Ellis.

His pickups have all the stuff I hope for. All the stuff I don’t know how to talk about. The magical mystery stuff. I’m thrilled and knocked out.

Bill Frisell

Ron Ellis makes the most musical pickups in the world. They reveal the truest nature of every guitar they are in and it is his conception of sound which is frankly the foundation of my dream guitar tone. Every Ron Ellis pickup has dimensionality, complexity, beauty, and a organic nature that is impossible to put into words. They not only amplify the notes played but also the space between them. The clarity and buoyancy of these pickups helps the guitar integrate into any musical situation while retaining a singular quality that makes the guitar’s voice practically leap out of the amplifier. Ron Ellis is the master of sound and space.

Julian Lage