50's LRP Humbucker

50's LRP Humbucker

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The 50's LRP set was first humbucker produced for the 2012 Gibson Lee Roy Parnell Signature Les Paul. Ron worked with Lee Roy, vintage collectors and the Gibson custom shop to design a replica set of the PAF’s that were in Duane Allman’s original ‘57 Goldtop Les Paul.

50's LRP is a vintage accurate replica of the earliest Patent Applied For (PAF) humbuckers. All components were selected to faithfully recreate the famous sound heard in early humbuckers.

The 50's LRP have the classic, clear, articulate and harmonically rich authentic sound of Duane’s original PAF’s. For vintage accuracy, the 50's LRP is top of its class.

Thanks to our friends at Josh Williams Guitars for making this video happen.



Notable artists playing our Humbuckers:

Ariel Posen Charlie Sexton
Doyle Bramhall II Eddie Martinez
Guthrie Trapp Jeff Hanna
Joey Landreth John Shanks
Kirk Fletcher Lee Roy Parnell
Pete Thorn Peter Stroud
Rob McNelley Sam Meek
Tim Pierce Tom Bukovac

All of our pickups are hand-wound in Carlsbad, California