Signature Neck Pickup (Midtall)

Signature Neck Pickup (Midtall)

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The Signature Tele Neck is a wonderful all around telecaster neck pickup, designed from original 50's style telecasters. The Signature TN is Ron's favorite tele neck and represents a blend of 50's necks to create a genuine blackguard tone ideal for vintage authenticity and well rounded telecaster blackguard tone. 

Signature TN has extended upper mids and clarity in upper frequencies; this extended range makes the Mid Tall a very versatile pickup which works well in all styles of music. 

Signature TN is a wonderful companion to any of our Telecaster bridges. It's Ron's favorite, combining vintage telecaster tone with single-coil clarity. 

The Signature TN and Midtall are the same neck pickup. When ordering, you may receive a Midtall branded pickup rather than a Signature Neck.


 Notable artists using our Telecaster pickups:

Ariel Posen Brad Paisley
David Grissom Eddie Martinez
Jedd Hughes John Fogerty
Josh Smith Julian Lage
Kirk Fletcher Lee Roy Parnell
Peter Stroud Ryan Wariner
Tom Bukovac

All of our pickups are hand-wound in Carlsbad, California.